Aftercare Treatment

Participants will receive a simple, affordable and comprehensive aftercare program with Handheld Monitoring.

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Register Yourself



Support Team

The support team of each participant will vary, and can include (but not limited to) doctors, therapists, sponsors…

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The family member or members of each participant are an extremely important part of the Handheld Monitoring program.

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Register Someone you care for 




A first step for many people concerned they or their loved ones have substance abuse problems is to do research…

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More about us

Who we are


The staff at Handheld Monitoring are men and women just like you….alcoholics and addicts who have chosen a life in recovery.

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What we do


Handheld Monitoring is an innovative, comprehensive, simple and affordable monitoring program for those individuals seeking accountability and assistance in maintaining a drug and alcohol free life in early recovery.

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Why We Do What We Do


Handheld Monitoring was created for the sole purpose of helping, and encouraging our clients into recovery.

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